wild {unknown} friday

  This weeks randomly selected card is The Chariot, picturing a beautiful white horse, mane flying as she gallops towards us, fixing us in her direct gaze.
She looks like a force of nature, unstoppable and sure footed. If we get in her way we run the risk of being trampled underfoot!
The Chariot is a card which symbolises an energy of determination, drive and will power. The Sun, Moon and Pentacle depicted on the card are in alignment signifying that the way to accomplish our goals is by taking action guided by our intuition. This is the way to bring our dearly held ambitions into physical reality. This horse has a deep sense of purpose and trusts that she is headed in the right direction. Notice that she has no rider or bridle…..this symbolises that she is in control of her path and is master of her own destiny.
So the energies at work for the upcoming week suggest that we will achieve most success by dealing with any challenges, obstacles or problems head on. It is imperative that we maintain focus, determination and confidence in our abilities and do not allow ourselves to be knocked off course.
In a work situation this could mean that you will need to take the reins and assert yourself. Show self discipline to get the respect you deserve from colleagues and do not allow others to push you around.
In a relationship, The Chariot could signify that it is time to pursue your own goals, and do the things you want. If you have made many sacrifices along the way to meet the needs of others, then now is your time!
As always with tarot, we can come up against this energy in a myriad different ways either within ourselves or others. 
It could be that we will encounter another individual who embodies the energy of The Chariot, and comes across as highly action orientated and motivated, refusing to let anything get in their way as they focus on what they wish to accomplish. 
On the flip side The Chariot personality can also be extremely headstrong and a force to be reckoned with. On a more negative note this determination and assertion can sometimes swing towards aggressive, bullying behaviour. If you encounter a character who displays these traits this week then it may be best to remove yourself from their influence until they simmer down and work things out for themselves. 
On a more literal level The Chariot can also symbolise a physical move, such as a new home, job or travel. 
I hope this card reading has given you all a heads up regarding the type of energy which may be at work during the upcoming week. Let me know in the comments if you have any experiences you would like to share about how The Chariot has manifested in your life this week!