wild {unknown} friday

 This weeks randomly drawn card from the beautiful Wild Unknown Tarot is the Six of Pentacles. 
Help and resources could be received from unexpected quarters, and at just the right moment this week. This could be financial assistance, but it could equally be someone offering their time or advice. 
Alternatively, it could be that you have something that someone else requires, and are able to give it freely to help this individual out of a tight spot. 
Then again, it could signify an unequal relationship where one person has all the economic power and the other feels a sense of subservience, dependency and lack of autonomy. Sometimes assistance is given freely and willingly, but often it feels as if there are very definite strings attached, and a feeling of being manipulated or coerced by a powerful benefactor. This is a highly unpleasant feeling of being controlled or beholden to another who it seems is pulling your strings. 
Sometimes when this card appears it can also indicate that a time of greater prosperity and growth is coming up. This could be the perfect moment to take control of your own resources, and manage them prudently and judiciously to ensure your future independence and self-sufficiency. This feeling of being able to stand on your own two feet will give you a sense of freedom and autonomy to direct your own life on your terms.
I hope you have found this weeks reading useful!
Until next time,
Caro Tarot💛