wild {unknown} friday

This weeks randomly drawn card from The Wild Unknown deck is the Father of Swords.  
This week it will be important to get your facts straight and stay alert to the truth of a situation. Don’t get swept away by fanciful thoughts or allow passions and tempers to flare. Remain rational and weigh things up carefully and logically before coming to a decision. Keep a cool head and be discerning in your choices.
If you are normally a person who relies predominantly on intuition you may find that this approach falters this week. Try weighing up the pros and cons of a situation carefully, as this method may yield better results. Don’t rush headlong into anything without carefully considering the longer term implications and consequences. 
This week you may find yourself coming up against a person who has a very different way of operating in the world. They may appear overly aloof, cold and controlling, but perhaps they can teach us something which will enable us to achieve better results? Perhaps we can take on board some advice or instruction which may help us in our life this week.
Until next time,
Caro Tarot💛