wild {unknown} friday

  Here is the tarot inspiration for the upcoming week, Friday 10th February to Thursday 16th February. Enjoy!
The randomly drawn card for this week is The Lovers. This is a gorgeous depiction showing a pair of Canadian Geese flying in formation against a beautiful sky radiating vibrant blue rays. Canada Geese are known to mate for life, and blue is a colour of peace, harmony and communication. Put these together and we can see that this is a beautiful union of soulmates!

So, this is a marvellous energy to pervade the coming week and could have several implications concerning what we might expect.

Of course the most obvious interpretation is that we are already in, or about to discover a relationship which embodies this unbreakable union of commitment, loyalty and trust. This is the type of relationship where we feel we are in a true partnership; a meeting of mind, body and soul. 

Like the geese shown in this image we feel that we have a shared future. Our goals and values are in sync and we are travelling in the same direction. This is the type of union where we feel that the other person simply ‘gets’ us. Often there is no need for words….both fly seamlessly together, part of a perfect team.

This relationship is rock solid and built on unshakeable foundations of commitment, faith and trust. It has often stood the test of time and provided steadfast support even through tough times. This is a love you can depend upon to always be there for you…..reliable and constant.

I think that we all dream of experiencing a partnership like this if we haven’t been lucky enough to find it thus far. However, The Lovers card doesn’t only relate to a romantic union. It could also describe a familial relationship, a kindred spirit we form a strong bond with, or even a working or business partnership.

I hope that this week you will be blessed with encountering this life affirming, steadfast union with someone special!

Until next week,
Caro Tarot💛