wild {unknown} friday

This weeks card is from the Gaian Tarot, and depicts a washed up, broken down, wreck of a boat. It looks as if it found it’s final resting place many moons ago, and has, over time become one with the natural environment. It’s rotting wood has become the home for insects, birds and animals. Beautiful flowers and verdant greenery have taken nourishment from it’s decomposing carcass and are growing in abundant profusion in and around it. Looking out, beyond the boat, the sea is calm and sparkling, with no hint of the stormy waters which caused the boat to run aground.
This card is a metaphor for the end of an era. It is time to move on and look to the future, which looks bright with promise and abundance. Leave behind what no longer serves you, and breathe a sigh of relief to set yourself free from what has been keeping you trapped and stuck in life. See the bigger picture, like the eagle which soars overhead, and know that it is for the best. Feel transformed and light like the butterflies which dance and flutter amongst the newly opening flowers.
Until next week,
Caro Tarot💛