wild {unknown} friday

 This weeks card is the Hierophant. It’s not one that usually resonates with me, but I find this interpretation from The Wild Unknown to be a very beautiful image. Often this card has strong associations with organised religion and tradition and if you’re not particularly religious it can be difficult to relate to. 
This card however has an image of a crow which speaks to me of magic, wisdom, intuition and the voice of experience. The crow is tweeting so it obviously has something important to relay to us. It could be quite literal; maybe we will read something on Twitter which has a significant message for us this week! I think it’s important to remember with this card that the relevant information is likely to come from an outside source. It could be a mentor, counsellor or teacher, or just as likely it may be a snippet of conversation we overhear, the lyrics of a song on the radio or something we read on a blog at just the right moment.

The crow grasps a large key in her claws which suggests that something vital is about to be unlocked……something of great value which allows you to access new information that has previously been under metaphorical “lock and key”. The penny is about to drop and things fall into place.

The bolt of lightening underlines the fact that this message is likely to be received like a “bolt from the blue” when you least expect it. It is illumination that suddenly becomes available to you in a classic “light bulb” or “ah ha” moment.

So make sure you are alert to all incoming information this week, whatever it’s source. There may be gold and jewels mixed in with the everyday dross!