wild {unknown} friday

 The card I drew today from The Wild Unknown is the Six of Cups. This card seems to hark back to a much richer and rosier past. The tangle of multicoloured roots seem to suggest that when we look back with nostalgia, things seem more vibrant and exciting. However, when we don our rose tinted specs sometimes we can have a distorted and skewed vision of what came before, making the present seem dull and lack lustre in comparison. Especially if we had a happy and contented early life, it can seem as if some of the shine is being taken off as we age. Nothing seems as fresh or new anymore and we become jaded and cynical. 
However, what we must remember is that all any of us has is the “now”, and if we spend all our time wishing to be transported back to a magical and mythical time of the past, we are in danger of completely missing our present and future. 

Of course it’s great to look back on the happy memories of the past; just not so great if we get trapped there and waste the opportunity to make more awesome memories in the here and now. 

If after careful and realistic consideration you genuinely believe that all your best times are behind you, then it’s time to reintegrate some of the people, places and activities that used to bring you joy! Think about some of your former passions and how you can reincorporate them into your life today. Start making new memories that you can look back on with warm, fuzzy feelings in years to come.

Until next week

Caro Tarot💛

wild {unknown} friday

  This weeks randomly drawn card is The Hanged Man, which depicts a bat hanging upside down, protectively cocooned by her shawl like wings and with eyes glowing like red hot coals in the darkness. 
When this card turns up it is describing a time when we may feel that we are in limbo or suspense. It can be a period of forced withdrawal and retreat, or we may choose to take some time out to rest and let go, in order to regain our strength before launching ourselves back into the world.
One thing is certain however; we will emerge from this phase of our life seeing things very differently, often gaining wisdom or knowledge and a fresh perspective which can yield unexpected rewards when we again join the melee of our regular life. 
The symbolism of the bat used in this card literally flips everything on it’s head, so if you are grappling with a baffling situation try to use this metaphor to see things completely differently to your habitual way of thinking.
If this slow down in your life is enforced rather than chosen it can be frustrating to say the least! Here we have a choice…..either to rail against this time of limbo, being dragged kicking and screaming to a place of surrender and letting go. Or, we could take advantage of the fact that life has slowed down, surrender control, and see what we can learn from looking at everything differently in this topsy turvy world.
Until next week,
Caro Tarot💛

wild {unknown} friday

This is a truly beautiful card, randomly drawn for the upcoming week. Stars have always been associated with hope, wishes, magic and inspiration and this card is no exception!
A star is a glowing beacon of hope, shining with its message of faith and trust and present in even the darkest night. It is our promise of a better future whatever the circumstances of the past. It is a time to pay close attention to the still small voice within and be open to new growth and ideas. Make sure you prioritise spiritual development…..it will be vitally important for your personal transformation.
The Star symbolises a guiding light, like your own personal GPS which will never see you wrong. The Star in a reading indicates a renewed sense of self esteem and belief; trust yourself and never forget who you are and what you desire. Never again abandon yourself. 
When you wish upon a star your dreams come true…..so goes the song which associates this heavenly body with magic, inspiration and hope. In order to reach this place of enchantment it is necessary to believe that it is possible. Be prepared to shine brightly and radiate your star quality. You may have a talent or gift which you have been blessed with, so know that the world needs your light and allow it to shine far and wide. 
There is hope in the darkness and light at the end of the tunnel, and The Star is a good omen marking something special. Wishes really do have the potential to come true if you embark on a spiritual journey bringing greater meaning and purpose into your life. 
Follow your own North Star and connect with its uplifting message of optimism, hope and magic.
Until next week….
Caro Tarot💛