wild {unknown} friday

This weeks card is The Devil. It speaks of a situation involving addiction and dependency; a feeling of being trapped in a mesh of self destructive negative patterns, which may feel difficult or impossible to extricate yourself from. 

Usually when The Devil is involved we are fighting our baser instincts of lust, greed or survival. This creates a symbiotic relationship, a loss of integrity and an ugly compromise. 

Often the allure of an addiction, bad influence or person can become all consuming, until it turns into an obsession or perversion which enslaves us and makes it almost impossible to conquer without help. 

The temptation to sell your soul to the devil for something in the material world may be enticing, but know that if you play with fire you may get your fingers burned (or feet, in this case!). 

Ask yourself the following questions as the answers may prove illuminating…..

  • Where is my soul starved
  • Am I desperate for freedom/expression/authenticity 
  • Have I traded my ‘self’

Sometimes throwing light on our negative patterns is the first step in gaining awareness of where we have become a slave to a person; substance; or way of being, behaving or feeling, and hence the way out of the web of entrapment.