wild {unknown} friday

  The card for the upcoming week is the Nine of Cups, also known as the “wish card”. 
If you look closely you will see that the cups are arranged in an inverted horseshoe shape, which is traditionally a symbol of good look and prosperity.
The colours graduate from a beautiful serene blue at the bottom of the card, to a gorgeous rosy pink at the top. It puts me in mind of a heavenly sunrise or sunset over a tranquil sea. The colours suggest that everything in the emotional garden is currently rosy and relationships, either familial or romantic are going through a settled and harmonious phase. 
If you notice the cups all look full and they are stable and solid rather than teetering on slender stems that may topple over or snap at any moment. In this way they likely mirror a relationship which is rock solid and built on strong foundations. It may not be in the first flush of romance and trying to impress with grand gestures and flashy, extravagant gifts, but it does have the advantage of having moved on to the next level of quiet comfort, warmth and support. This is probably a relationship that you can rely on and trust to be there for you.
So, the romance may have paled somewhat, and perhaps sometimes you look at others and wish that your partner still showered you with gifts and that you were still in the exciting and intoxicatingly first flush of love? However, “be careful what you wish for” as outward appearances can be deceptive, and it is likely that your partnership although it may not be perfect, is the real deal.