Daily Card ~ Daughter of Pentacles´╗┐

Maybe today you feel as if you’re emerging from a dark place back into the sunshine and the light. Perhaps you have felt the need to withdraw from life for an extended period but now you are hearing the call to reconnect and move forward again towards your dreams and passions. The rainbow overhead augurs well. This is a time for promising new beginnings and fresh starts.

Daily Card ~ Nine of Cups

Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it! Sometimes it’s difficult to know what it is we really want. Even if we have a good idea what it is, it’s impossible to envisage all the ramifications which may ensue if we were to achieve our hearts desire. How many times have we been convinced that if only we had this, that or the other we would be happy only to achieve it and realise that the state of bliss we expected is short lived? Maybe instead of being specific we could ask for whatever we encounter to be for our highest good; or to ‘let go and let God’ if we believe in a higher power.

Daily Card ~ The Devil

Be careful who you get into bed with today (metaphorically speaking or even literally!) as it could lead to you having to make considerable compromises which don’t sit well with how you wish to live your life. Partnerships formed with the wrong people for the wrong reasons will almost certainly come back to bite you in the future. Don’t allow yourself to form alliances which result in you giving your power away and becoming beholden and dependant on others as you may find it almost impossible to claw this back at a later stage when you realise just what a huge compromise you have been required to make. The Devil can often see you trapped in a situation of your own making, unable to free yourself.

Daily Card ~ Seven of Swords

You may get the distinct feeling today that someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, or is being economical with the truth. Or perhaps there is a case of gross exaggeration designed to scare you into a particular course of action. Either way things may not be as they seem so proceed with caution and don’t swallow wholesale the words of others if they don’t ring true to you. 

wild {unknown} friday

  The randomly drawn card for the upcoming week is Death, which on first impressions can appear to be a very scary prospect indeed! However, please don’t be alarmed as this card can also signify much more positive occurrences. Although the Death card may herald big changes, often unexpected, and may feel as though we are all caught up in the path of events we cannot escape, ultimately it can usher in new ways of being and new possibilities which could never have been envisioned before this cataclysmic, life changing chapter unfolded.

These types of major turning points and times of reckoning also give an amazing opportunity for renewal and transformation. Of course many of us may not have chosen for this situation to occur, but out of this ending can emerge a new beginning…..bigger and better than before, and give birth to something more valuable and powerful. Exercising our creative imaginations will allow us to visualise new possibilities.

During this period of transition it can be difficult to see in which way the jigsaw puzzle is going to fit back together, but soon new constructive patterns will begin to emerge. We are given an opportunity to take a step back before moving forward in our quest to build a better, stronger and more resilient global community.

Out of such profound change will hopefully be born a new paradigm of strength and determination to ensure that what comes next is an improved, inclusive and more positive version of consensus reality.