Daily Card ~ Two of Cups

Today bodes well for anyone embarking on a new relationship. It is important to realise that this isn’t just a romantic liaison; it could equally apply to a new job or working environment. If this is the case you may hit it off immediately with your new boss and colleagues, knowing that you are going to work well together in a spirit of cooperation and inspiration. 

wild {unknown} friday

Well, what can I say about this card? At first sight it looks like the stuff of horror movies, with it’s discombobulated collection of eyeballs, maggots and jaw bone. 
 When this card comes out it is usually an indication that there is a lot of worrying going on at present. This is the kind of worry that keeps us wide awake at night and seems far worse in the dark than in the light of day. These can be vague fears and worries which gnaw away at us leaving residual anxiety and a sense of vulnerability. Often they are more of an internal product of the mind rather than based on anything real out there in the world, but nevertheless can cause disturbed sleep in the form of insomnia or nightmares and be magnified to frightening proportions. Sometimes problems are over analysed and picked apart causing undue stress and worry. This is the kind of energy which has us embroiled in an overactive imagination which churns out terrifying visions and worst case scenarios. 

These deepest, darkest fears can spill over into our everyday lives filling us with a sense of unease and forbodeing. 

If you are experiencing this kind of unsettling mental unrest at the moment the best thing to do is to try and get a few good nights sleep ( which I know is easier said than done!). If you can manage this it will help to get these rampaging negative thoughts under control and hopefully give you a sense of perspective. Remember with this card that a lot of the fears and worries are likely to be a product of your own mind and don’t necessarily have any basis in reality. Often our imagination can be our own worst enemy, and if we can avoid getting overtired, over stressed and rundown, then this will go a long way towards curbing these negative excesses of the mind.

Daily Card ~ Seven of Pentacles

Today, keep in mind that you reap what you sow. So only plant the best quality, healthiest seeds and nurture them with rich soil, sunshine and pure water. Then watch them grow and flourish! It’s the same with the people and circumstances in your life. Shower them with love and positivity and pour down sunshine for them to bask in….then you’ll reap all of the richness that life has to offer in return.

Daily Card ~ Seven of Wands

You may find yourself in the spotlight today, shining like the star that you are! Other people naturally step aside and allow you to take centre stage as your burning passion and inspiration is evident for all to see. It also could be that you need to defend yourself or your ideas against opposition from others. Resistance will fall away however as others can see the righteousness of your path.