Daily Card ~ Nine of Pentacles

Think about ways to protect your nest egg today. What will it take to secure a future of prosperity, stability and growth, and more importantly how can you ensure that you remain economically and financially independent? Take care with your investments and make sure your interests are protected in all areas involving property, savings, and all other financial affairs.

Daily Card ~ Two of Swords

You could feel as if you are at a crossroads today and a difficult decision must be made. You can see pros and cons on both sides which makes it even trickier to ascertain the way forward. Normally I am an advocate of following your heart but today I feel a balance is required between head and heart, gut feeling and rational analysis of the situation. It is important however to go within and seek your own answer to this dilemma. Don’t be unduly influenced by the opinions of others.

Daily Card ~ Daughter of Cups

Today you may be receiving positive vibes about a situation that initially seemed to be all doom and gloom. Because there is so much negativity surrounding this issue however you may distrust the intuition which is filtering through. Trust what you are feeling however….it may take time but positive developments will emerge from the chaos we are currently immersed in. 

Daily Card ~ Three of Swords

Two’s company, three’s a crowd. Today you could feel left out in the cold in a relationship…..betrayed but yet bound into a situation from which you feel there is no escape. In this ménage a trois there are no winners; everyone is damaged and bloodied, battered and bruised. It needs one of the parties to realise the destructive nature of this liaison and start the process to cut the ties that bind and extricate themselves. This is the only way to set everyone free so that they can go forward to love and live to the full again.

wild {unknown} friday

 This card indicates the need for vigilance and awareness of the motives of others. Is everything as it seems, or is someone trying to conceal something or deceive in some way? Equally it could be that we have something to hide or that we are keeping some information under wraps. Sometimes it is necessary to play our cards close to our chest depending on the situation or circumstances we find ourselves in. There are times when a tactical and strategic approach is the way to go.

Daily Card ~ Six of Cups

Maybe today your past seems much richer and more vibrant than your present or future. Perhaps things seem static and unchanging now….a classic case of ‘same old, same old’? If that is the case try and find ways to bring a little bit of the old magic back to the present day. Remembering what you loved as a child is a great first step. For me it was being outdoors in nature, exploring streams and rock pools, collecting stones and shells and building dens out of bracken. Maybe there is a way to incorporate some of this spirit into your present day, adult life which would bring your vibrancy and zest for life back?