wild {unknown} friday

This weeks randomly drawn card is The Magician….one of my favourites in the Wild Unknown deck.
The Magician is able to wrangle the raw ingredients represented by the Wand, Sword, Cup and Pentacle laid out before him and transform these into something new. He can perform a form of alchemy and with dynamic action is able to channel energy from the infinite potential around him and make it into something tangible.
The orange and yellow rays emanating from a concentrated point represent energy, vitality and creativity. The Magician can use this focused energy in conjunction with the tools at his disposal to create something new. He has supreme confidence in his ability to tap into direct Universal energy making him an empowered creator (as we all are). 
This card advises us to tap into our full potential without holding back. It is time to take action and go for it! The Magician points to the talents, capabilities and resources which we already have at our disposal. We have everything needed to make any venture we are contemplating a success.