Daily Card ~ Daughter of Pentacles

  Remember today that you are a child of the universe and you can make things happen in your life and manifest a heaven on earth. Whatever you see outside is inside….’as within so without’. So if you don’t like what you see know that you can change things, but first you need to be the change you wish to see in the world. The Universe is simply a mirror which faithfully reflects back your beliefs about yourself and life!

Daily Card ~ Ten of Wands

  Today may feel confusing and chaotic and as if it’s impossible to see the wood for the trees. Perhaps all the joy seems to have been sucked out of life, and things feel as if they have completely fallen apart? Where to begin with trying to pick up the pieces and start again? If you feel exhausted and overwhelmed then take a step back, rest up for a little while until you restore your energy and feel able to move forward again.

wild {unknown} friday

    The tarot suit of Cups is all about emotion, feelings and relationships, and so the Mother of Cups is the queen of this realm. She is powerful and fierce whilst simultaneously being protective and nurturing. She is depicted as a swan in this deck which perfectly describes her ability to be compassionate and empathic, but also extremely aggressive if pushed.

She is highly sensitive to the vibes around her, so much so that her insightful intuition can border on the prophetic or psychic at times. This gives her a reputation for being deep and mysterious, inhabiting as she does the realms of the unconscious and subconscious mind. Here dreams are dreamt and magic happens. 
She is associated with the unknown…..where gut instinct and perceptive hunches are the modus operandi. A place of spirituality and receptivity which is symbolised in this card by the sparkling blue, pink and purple stars which twinkle in the darkness of the night sky behind her. 
When this card appears it is time to take note of your dreams and intuition by turning your attention inward. Use creative visualisation and magic to bend reality to mirror your deeply held wishes. 
There is a time and place for rationality and logic, but this week tap into the traits of the Mother of Cups within yourself. Use her emotional sensitivity, intuition and empathy and trust that in the situations you encounter this week they will be the way to achieve the best results.