Daily Draw – The Wheel of Fortune


Today’s card is the Wheel of Fortune. Initially I wasn’t sure what to make of this card, however I do think that it is a positive card taken in conjunction with the two other Major Arcana cards, The Fool and The Star which I received in the first days of 2015.

Maybe it’s message is that we cannot always control outside circumstances, but we can control how we respond to them? Life is a series of ups and downs and it’s important to stay optimistic and have faith in the Universe. We can use meditation and visualisation to assist and reinforce our intention to manifest abundance, good fortune and prosperity and help to create the right outcomes in our lives.

In my own life I have a strong sense that I have reached a turning point or pivotal time in my life. After several years of feeling powerless I now feel a new resurgence of positivity that I can turn my life around this year by putting into practice the action steps and goals that I have been working on since the New Year. We can’t stop the wheel turning but hopefully we can influence how long we remain in the doldrums by harnessing the power of our minds to remain optimistic and empowered to take control of our own lives as much as is possible.