Daily Draw – Seven of Wands


Hmmm, when I look at this card my immediate thought today is of being blocked and trapped. Whichever way she looks there is no escape. In front of her is amassed what looks like a menacing battalion of oars, preventing her passage. Also it seems that it’s not apparent who, or what is ganging up against her and impeding her progress. This makes the opposition harder to deal with in many ways when you don’t know exactly what you’re up against.

Behind her there seems to be a huge storm brewing with bolts of lightening zigzagging the sky and dark menacing clouds. It looks as if there is no going back either!

As this card talks about creative endeavours and projects it could be that this is where a sense of feeling stuck is most apparent. As there are no actual adversaries showing themselves it could be that these problems and hurdles have more tenure in the mind than in the actual real world. Perhaps these are perceived roadblocks on the road to success? Because these limits and blocks are remaining concealed, beneath the surface of the water, it could be that they are unconscious obstacles to success.

Maybe this little mermaid needs to examine her own limiting beliefs and lack of self belief in her talents and gifts. She may find that the squadron of oars lined up against her may then glide silently back under the ocean waves to allow her unimpeded passage.