Daily Draw – Queen of Pentacles


It was with some amusement that I started to list the attributes of The Queen of Pentacles as practical, earthy and hardworking, and then realised that I have been working today at a shop called Earth Spirit!

This shop could be made for the Queen of Pentacles as all the merchandise reflects the beauty and richness of the earth. There are books about trees and songbirds; an array of mesmerising crystals and stones from the belly of the Earth itself; there are beautiful pictures depicting Goddesses and mythical creatures. I can’t think of anywhere that the Queen of Pentacles would be more at home!

Anyway, this is where I have been working today. I have swept and tidied and cleaned the glass display cabinets. Then I got to work on creating a display table with the theme of midwinter, to show off some of the beautiful items on sale which reflect the cold and icy season.

Although I don’t always relate easily to the Queen of Pentacles, today it was the perfect card to describe the energies of the day.