Daily Draw – Page of Pentacles


Once again I have been amazed and stunned by the accuracy and relevance of the card I have drawn today, which is the Page of Pentacles.

I decided to devote some time today to completing another section of my Leonie Dawson, Create Your Shining Year Workbook 2015……the section on habits which I want to establish this year!

What card could be a more perfect portrayal for this process than the Page of Pentacles, especially in this deck where the page is seen as a fresh faced youth, against a tranquil blue background. The card seems to be saying, “get clear on your goals”. Take a calm, clear moment to plan your new beginnings and way forward towards future success.

I read somewhere…..”Do not just think it, ink it!”, which is exactly what I have been doing today, by getting down, on paper, new habits and resolutions to start the year on a positive note, and increase personal wellbeing, health and energy in 2015.

It has been a very Page of Pentacles kinda day as I have tried to focus on actual practical and tangible steps, which are do-able, realistic and achievable. Hopefully I have come up with a common sense and pragmatic approach to take baby steps, which if done consistently on a daily basis will achieve real and lasting results!

Only time will tell how effective my plan of action is. This time next year I’ll let you know how I got on, and if I’ve been transformed into a shiny new and improved version of myself!