Daily Draw – Page of Cups


This is an interesting card from the Dame Darcy Mermaid deck, which I see slightly differently to the standard interpretation.

Of course I still think that it has to do with all the usual cups themes, such as intuition, emotion, creativity and love. However the Page on this card seems to be highly focussed on the cup he holds in his hand, gazing at it intently and investing all his time and energy into it. Behind him however a whale has just breached in the vast ocean and is about to disappear beneath the waves again unseen by the Page.

This suggests that by focussing on what is right under his nose he is missing out on the bigger picture and the main event. The fish in the cup is the equivalent of a goldfish in a bowl….severely limited by the confines of it’s environment and only able to keep swimming around in ever decreasing circles He has missed something majestic and magical. Something that most people never get an opportunity to witness and experience is happening now, right behind him, if only he would turn around and view things from a different perspective.

I believe that this card is trying to draw my attention to something larger and limitless in my own life. The phrase that came to mind on first studying this card was the eponymous voice of the sat nav which implores you to “turn around when possible” when you have taken a wrong turn and need a course correction. I guess my task now is to figure out where I have wandered off my path, and how to get back on it?