Daily Draw – Five of Swords


This card talks about conflict and the sometimes unforeseen consequences of it. I think that the adage “choose your battles wisely” is a very important concept when studying this card as it reminds us that sometimes when we get involved in conflicts with others, it is not without high cost to ourselves, even if we “win”.

The guy in this card looks a little smug, but it seems he has lost almost everything by engaging in this particular battle. Yes, he has most of the swords, symbolising victory, but he has lost the shirt on his back in the process.

This card spells out the unpalatable truth about conflict and shows us that sometimes it is better to just walk away. If it is just a matter of always needing to be right, or in control, or trying to stop our pride or ego taking a dent, is it really worth the hassle of embroiling ourselves in a battle with someone? We may win the argument, but at what cost? Sometimes we do more damage to ourselves by pursuing something that is better left alone. We may end up losing friends, family, the respect of others and our own self respect in the process. A high price to pay for a conflict, that in the grand scheme of things was not, in the final analysis, worth the heartache.