Daily Draw – Four of Cups


My first thought on drawing this card today was that there is something I am being offered by the Universe that I’m just not seeing. It is something that is literally right under my nose, but it is as if I’m wearing blinkers which prevent me from being open to this opportunity. It is a gift from the Gods; I don ‘t have to do anything to take advantage of this gift except simply accept it. But it is as if something is blocking me from even seeing what is being offered to me on a plate. Maybe I feel I don’t deserve it or I’m unworthy? Perhaps it’s a bit like having a pimple on the end of your nose….sometimes you are literally too close to be able to see clearly.

Daily Draw – King of Wands


Today I have once again drawn the King of Wands. My first thought was that I am still in the dark about something at the moment, due to the fact that the right side of the King’s face is concealed in shadow. It is as if he is looking up to the heavens above in order to receive inspiration or insight. Maybe something in my own life is unclear and shrouded in darkness? Perhaps the only way to access new information is by looking to intuition and imagination for answers that may not be forthcoming by any other means.

Daily Draw – Knight of Swords


I started this year with high hopes and enthused with great positivity and a sense of the myriad possibilities open to me. I’m not sure what has happened in the twenty one days since then, but already I feel despondent and demotivated; almost as if, who was I kidding to think 2015 would be any different?

This morning I have drawn The Knight of Swords. This feels like a rallying cry to get back on the horse (dolphin!) and set off again in pursuit of my goals. The Knight is perceived as a go-getter. He is proactive, focused, and some would say aggressive, as he hones in on what he wants to achieve and goes for it! He is single minded and brings all of his energy and exuberance and power to bear to make things happen in his life. In this card you can sense the speed at which he is travelling forwards and the great energy he brings to any task he decides to zero in on.

This laser like concentration appears to energise both the Knight and the dolphin, who look as if they are both having fun as they race towards their target with a single minded vision and passion.

Maybe my lesson today is that I have taken on too many different goals that I want to achieve in 2015, resulting in me scattering my focus and intent, and feeling bogged down and overwhelmed. I think I need to choose the one I’m most passionate about and then pursue it wholeheartedly and single mindedly. That one true passion is tarot, so I commit to drawing a card each day and blogging about it, whether anyone else cares to read what I have to say about it or not; I will doggedly do this on a daily basis…..no matter what.

Daily Draw – Seven of Wands


Hmmm, when I look at this card my immediate thought today is of being blocked and trapped. Whichever way she looks there is no escape. In front of her is amassed what looks like a menacing battalion of oars, preventing her passage. Also it seems that it’s not apparent who, or what is ganging up against her and impeding her progress. This makes the opposition harder to deal with in many ways when you don’t know exactly what you’re up against.

Behind her there seems to be a huge storm brewing with bolts of lightening zigzagging the sky and dark menacing clouds. It looks as if there is no going back either!

As this card talks about creative endeavours and projects it could be that this is where a sense of feeling stuck is most apparent. As there are no actual adversaries showing themselves it could be that these problems and hurdles have more tenure in the mind than in the actual real world. Perhaps these are perceived roadblocks on the road to success? Because these limits and blocks are remaining concealed, beneath the surface of the water, it could be that they are unconscious obstacles to success.

Maybe this little mermaid needs to examine her own limiting beliefs and lack of self belief in her talents and gifts. She may find that the squadron of oars lined up against her may then glide silently back under the ocean waves to allow her unimpeded passage.

Daily Draw – The Hanged Man


In a way this was the perfect card for me to receive today as it has given me permission to just hang fire and do nothing. I am absolutely laid low with a dreadful cold, and although I feel as if there is lots of “stuff” that I need to be doing, I really don’t have the energy today. The Hanged Man is telling me that it’s ok to spend the day just holed up with the heating turned up full blast, sporting my onesie and sipping comforting hot chocolate.

There is so much pressure to be continually “doing” in this world. You’re supposed to take a Lemsip and then get on with life as normal. Well I’m bucking the trend. I’m going to spend my day doing precisely nothing, and then hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be firing on all cylinders again, ready to take on the world!

Daily Draw – Five of Swords


This card talks about conflict and the sometimes unforeseen consequences of it. I think that the adage “choose your battles wisely” is a very important concept when studying this card as it reminds us that sometimes when we get involved in conflicts with others, it is not without high cost to ourselves, even if we “win”.

The guy in this card looks a little smug, but it seems he has lost almost everything by engaging in this particular battle. Yes, he has most of the swords, symbolising victory, but he has lost the shirt on his back in the process.

This card spells out the unpalatable truth about conflict and shows us that sometimes it is better to just walk away. If it is just a matter of always needing to be right, or in control, or trying to stop our pride or ego taking a dent, is it really worth the hassle of embroiling ourselves in a battle with someone? We may win the argument, but at what cost? Sometimes we do more damage to ourselves by pursuing something that is better left alone. We may end up losing friends, family, the respect of others and our own self respect in the process. A high price to pay for a conflict, that in the grand scheme of things was not, in the final analysis, worth the heartache.

Daily Draw – King of Wands


I am thinking of this card as a continuation of yesterday’s theme about discovering the skills I could put to use to both earn a living and have a fulfilling and rewarding life

The King’s face is partially “in the dark”, suggesting that the way forward is not yet completely clear. The other half of his face looks as if he has literally “seen the light”; as if he has had a moment of illumination or a “light bulb moment” concerning his life or journey.

This feels rather like me at the moment. I have had some revelations about my direction and purpose but on the other hand I feel that there is still much that is shrouded in darkness. As the King of Wands is all about inspiration and intuition I do feel that the answers I seek are within. This card seems to suggest the duality between light and dark, conscious and unconscious, and the thin veil between the two. Because the King of Wands is also an active character however maybe the best way forward is to actively engage in processes that encourage these unconscious impulses and sense of knowing to rise to the surface.

Daily Draw – Page of Cups


This is an interesting card from the Dame Darcy Mermaid deck, which I see slightly differently to the standard interpretation.

Of course I still think that it has to do with all the usual cups themes, such as intuition, emotion, creativity and love. However the Page on this card seems to be highly focussed on the cup he holds in his hand, gazing at it intently and investing all his time and energy into it. Behind him however a whale has just breached in the vast ocean and is about to disappear beneath the waves again unseen by the Page.

This suggests that by focussing on what is right under his nose he is missing out on the bigger picture and the main event. The fish in the cup is the equivalent of a goldfish in a bowl….severely limited by the confines of it’s environment and only able to keep swimming around in ever decreasing circles He has missed something majestic and magical. Something that most people never get an opportunity to witness and experience is happening now, right behind him, if only he would turn around and view things from a different perspective.

I believe that this card is trying to draw my attention to something larger and limitless in my own life. The phrase that came to mind on first studying this card was the eponymous voice of the sat nav which implores you to “turn around when possible” when you have taken a wrong turn and need a course correction. I guess my task now is to figure out where I have wandered off my path, and how to get back on it?

Daily Draw – Four of Wands


Hmmm…..what to make of this card? I’ve left it until later on today to write about it just in case there were any last minute wedding or pregnancy announcements that might make it more relevant. But it seems that isn’t going to happen now, so how else might I apply this card to my day?

Well, I did have a bit of a spat with my daughter a couple of days ago, but as of today we have resolved things and hopefully harmony reigns supreme again.

There are still some minor worries praying on my mind, but hopefully this card would suggest that things will work themselves out and life can settle into a period of peace, harmony and stability. Here’s hoping so.