Daily Draw – The Six of Cups


It seems that this card is a familiar friend at the moment as it has made an appearance several times recently.

Today, I feel that it is about nostalgia and tapping into the magic and richness of the past. Recently I have become somewhat out of touch with the pursuits and pastimes which used to bring me joy.

So I thought I would delve into the past and reconnect with the things I used to love as a child and teenager. Maybe I can bring some of these fun things into my present day reality? I have decided that I am going to commit to an “actual action” each day prompted by the card I draw. Hopefully this will precipitate real change in my life as opposed to just a nice intellectual idea which is never acted upon!

So, what did I love as a kid? In no particular order…….

Dancing; make believe; writing; music; nature; dressing up; makeup; playing outside; fairies; magic; colour; photography; tarot; astrology; cooking; reading; sunshine; roller skating; daydreaming; planning things; picnics; parties; socialising; talking; holidays; Christmas; camping; bonfires; beaches!

It’s not an exhaustive list, but I think there’s a few things on there which I can immediately put into practice……starting NOW!