Daily Draw – The Son of Pentacles


Although I don’t do reversals, I do believe that each of the cards has a shadow side. When I drew the Son of Pentacles this morning I knew immediately that this was the aspect of the card that was trying to grab my attention.

I feel that recently I have become firmly entrenched in a rut of my own making. This is exacerbated by yet another bout of depression which is sapping my energy and vitality and ensuring that I don’t put a foot out of the door unless I really have to, either to go to work or keep an appointment. It feels as if my world has contracted to such a point that it now only includes me and four walls. I find that I don’t want to see or interact with people and that all my get up and go, to quote the cliche, has got up and gone.

I have no enthusiasm or passion for my former loves and projects. It feels as if my exasperated friends have given up on me.

I can relate to the lonely looking figure of the deer on this card as he stares blindly ahead, unable to perceive or participate in the fun and enjoyment that others are delighting in. He looks as if he is locked in his own little world, with no key to free himself from the self imposed isolation and stagnation. He has become so risk averse that life has descended into a monotonous and dull tedium that stretches ahead infinitum. How does he break free?