Daily Draw – The Five of Pentacles


The rose depicted on this card looks so dejected and is wilting and beginning to lose it’s petals. It appears to be in serious need of nourishment and sustenance before it is too late.

This is a bit how I feel at the moment; utterly dependant on others to support me and reliant on them to provide me with the basics of life. Currently I cannot support myself without help and this makes me feel much like the rose who appears to be hanging her head in shame and dejection.

Strangely however, The Emperor card also fell out of the deck with The Five of Pentacles!


This seems to be relaying the emphatic message that I have the personal power to be able to support myself in the world. It seems to be saying that I have the skills and abilities that I can put to work to stand tall and proud and independent in my own right. I just need to tap into a place of energy and motivation as symbolised by the solar power in the card to make this happen.