Daily Draw – Death


The Death card can be quite scary, particularly in some Tarot decks where it is depicted as a Grim Reaper type character with all the associations that comes with. In The Wild Unknown the card depicts a skeletal bird which seems to float like a spectre or ghost. There are still a few feathers remaining on it’s bleached white bones. Whenever I look at this card however, the feathers always look more like leaves or ferns which are starting to sprout from the dead bird. To me this speaks of the true meaning of this card which is about a metaphorical death and rebirth. Often we have to let go of something that is no longer serving us in order to allow new and fresh opportunities to come to us. This can be a scary thing to do, but once a situation has irretrievably died sometimes the only way forward is to face up to this, let go, and move forward into the new.