Hello and welcome to CaroTarot……..tarot for NOW

Hi, my name is Caro and I am passionate about tarot as a vehicle for personal growth and insight. I draw on my counselling background and skills to provide sensitive, empathic readings, always with the emphasis on self discovery and personal empowerment. I firmly believe that “a picture paints a thousand words”, and the cards I use feature beautiful, evocative illustrations which are rich with imagery and symbolism.

It is important to understand that the cards hold no inherent power, but are simply a creative prompt and catalyst for self development, putting you in touch with your own inner wisdom. What they invoke within your heart is where the power lies. Through their archetypal images and symbols they are able to bypass the rational, everyday mind and tap into a deeper level of consciousness and knowing, where new insights and clarity can drift to the surface. I work with the cards to create a pathway to deeper levels of understanding using an intuitive and sensitive approach.

My style, and approach to tarot is contemporary, interactive and collaborative and I encourage you to participate fully in the session to receive the most benefit from your reading. Much like the Rorschach (inkblot) Test, what you see in the tarot images will mean something unique to you. I will help you to unravel the symbols and messages of the tarot and take away the personal messages the cards have for you. You can expect down to earth, friendly and practical advice which you can integrate into your life straight away to help you make necessary changes.

The tarot can help a person to overcome difficulties, move on from challenges, clarify new perspectives and engender self empowerment and autonomy.

YOU are ALWAYS the master of your own destiny