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Daily Card ~ Four of Wands´╗┐

Turn your attention inward today and focus all your energy, focus and concentration on your inner world. You don’t need to refer to the outside world or other people’s opinions and rules; all the answers are within, so turn to your own in-tuition for wisdom, insight and inspiration on any dilemma.

Daily Draw – Four of Wands


Hmmm…..what to make of this card? I’ve left it until later on today to write about it just in case there were any last minute wedding or pregnancy announcements that might make it more relevant. But it seems that isn’t going to happen now, so how else might I apply this card to my day?

Well, I did have a bit of a spat with my daughter a couple of days ago, but as of today we have resolved things and hopefully harmony reigns supreme again.

There are still some minor worries praying on my mind, but hopefully this card would suggest that things will work themselves out and life can settle into a period of peace, harmony and stability. Here’s hoping so.