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Daily Card ~ Eight of Pentacles

    Today make sure that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Put all your focus on the task in hand to achieve the best results. Remember to become fully absorbed to produce your best work.

Daily Card ~ Ten of Swords

  Watch your thoughts today. Are you making a mountain out of a molehill? This card often comes up when we are being overly melodramatic about a situation. Is it really as bad as it seems, or have we exaggerated it in our mind to mammoth proportions? If we truly are facing a dire situation this card says that we have seen the worst now and things from here can only get better. Things always seem darkest before the dawn and soon the sun will be coming up on a brand new day.

Daily Card ~ Son of Cups

 Today may feel like a prolific day for inspiration and ideas. You could be bursting with a profusion of colourful thoughts, so much so that it becomes overwhelming, preventing you going forward with any of them! Make sure you capture your creative visions by jotting them down for future reference.

Daily Card ~ The Magician

 Today, use your considerable powers to make manifest something that you desire. You have all the necessary tools at your disposal and the wherewithal to bring everything together to achieve your aim. Your connection between the spiritual and the physical is sharply focused at the moment so go make things happen!

Daily Card ~ The Tower

 Things built on shaky foundations may topple today. Sometimes this is necessary in order to build new and enduring structures which will stand the test of time. Maybe something will happen which will lead you to question your beliefs and conditioning, allowing new and more useful paradigms to take root in your life.

Daily Card ~ Ace of Wands

  Today’s fiery energy is characterised by the Ace of Wands. It indicates inspired ideas and creativity. Maybe a promising thought will pop into your head and you’ll be enthusiastic to get cracking and bring this project to fruition. However the Aces are all about potential, so no matter how great an idea seems it will also require action and focused work to make it a reality.

wild {unknown} friday

    This weeks randomly selected card is the Father of Wands. As always when working with the energy of the tarot this could relate to a man or a woman, or to qualities within yourself which should be brought to the fore at this time.
The Father of Wands is highly creative, charismatic and intelligent. This person is a natural leader who can inspire, encourage and motivate others. They are very confident in their abilities and extremely ambitious and goal oriented. So much so, that sometimes these traits can be taken a step too far and spill over into ruthlessness or showing off.
 It is fair to say that the Father of Wands character is very easily bored so needs constant stoking of the fires of inspiration if they are to maintain long term interest in a project or creative endeavour. 
Nothing fazes or scares the Father of Wands, and although this character doesn’t go looking for trouble they can be intimidating and become aggressive if confronted. They certainly have a hot and fiery temper, and a flair for the dramatic! This is definitely someone you do not mess around with as they are more than capable of defending their domain and will not shirk from doing so with vigour.
The Father of Wands is a reminder this week not to shy away from our own power. Be the flamboyant, force of nature that you know you can be! What is it that you want to create in your own life, and which skills and strengths can you utilise to make it happen? Have you got plans that feel both exciting and inspiring but also grounded and workable? If so, try out the Father of Wands approach to life and see what you are capable of manifesting!

Daily Card ~ Son of Cups

 Today try and approach any issues or obstacles in a creative fashion. Think outside the box and bring any inspired ideas into the light of day. Read between the lines in your interactions with others and don’t dismiss any intuitive hits or hunches that come to mind.

Daily Card ~ Six of Pentacles

  You may see evidence today that projects are starting to come to fruition….. so much so that you may even have enough spare resources to help out someone else as well. If you are the one in need of assistance don’t be afraid to reach out to others and accept their generosity and help, whether that be in time, money or something else.

Daily Card ~ Eight of Wands (R)

 Today you might find that obstacles and frustrations come at you full pelt and that you have to keep changing direction at a moments notice. This fast moving card can also indicate that you are bursting with bright ideas, but may lack focus to follow through. Try to concentrate on one thing at a time to make your plans reality.