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Daily Card ~ Four of Swords

  Today take some time out to just ‘be’. Sometimes we forget we are human beings and act more like human ‘doings’ as we rush around trying to cross things off our ever increasing to do list. So today try and make life a little easier on yourself…..scratch anything that isn’t strictly necessary and give yourself five minutes out of your busy day to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and get in touch with your inner voice. It may be that taking a brief timeout may inspire you with fresh insight or new creative ideas which will help make the rest of your day more productive.

Daily Card ~ Judgement (R)

  Where are you being particularly hard on yourself today? Are you paying lip service to the idea of self forgiveness but failing to integrate this into the deepest levels of your psyche? We all make mistakes but there is no merit in holding onto guilt and shame. Learn the lesson, let it go, and move on.

Daily Card ~ Eight of Pentacles

  Whatever you are called upon to do today, make sure you execute it with full focus and attention. This is not the time for multitasking, which will dilute your efforts. The best results are achieved with concentration on the task at hand and unswerving attention to detail. Remember the adage that if a job is worth doing…’s worth doing well.

Daily Card ~ Ace of Cups

  The beginnings of new emotional fulfilment. A feeling that your cup runneth over and that you have many reasons to celebrate. A multitude of blessings and things to be grateful for!

Daily Card ~ Eight of Cups

  It may be time to finally walk away from something today. It is not providing you with the emotional nourishment that you need, and never will. Although the road ahead will be challenging it will be preferable to staying where you are…..the current situation is dead with no hope of revival. Better to cut your losses now and waste no more of your time. 

Daily Card ~ Ten of Cups

  Today focus on finding harmony and connection in your personal relationships. Concentrate on giving and cooperation and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you also receive many gifts, joy and happiness coming right back at you!

Daily Card ~ Father of Wands

  Approach the day with flamboyance, charisma and charm. Don’t go looking for trouble but be prepared to stand your ground if the need arises. Set ambitious goals and stick to them today.

wild {unknown} friday

    This weeks randomly drawn card is the Seven of Cups, which in The Wild Unknown deck is portrayed as a mind bending optical illusion. Depending on your perspective you might see a pyramid shape with a cup balanced precariously on it’s apex; or looking at it another way, it may appear as a channel or trench with the cup placed at the end.

When this card appears we often have many seemingly interesting and appealing choices. However this card cautions us to take our time and weigh up our options carefully. This could be a classic case of ‘all that glitters is not gold’. Can we trust what is in front of us, or is all not as it seems? Often when there is a plethora of options it can lead to confusion and paralysis making it almost impossible to make a decision. 
So this week we need to be very clear on what it is we really want, and beware of being taken in by a mesmerising fantasy which may subsequently crumble to dust. Don’t be tricked into falling for a scenario which turns out to be no more than smoke and mirrors with no real substance. 

Daily Card ~ Eight of Pentacles

    Today make sure that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Put all your focus on the task in hand to achieve the best results. Remember to become fully absorbed to produce your best work.

Daily Card ~ Ten of Swords

  Watch your thoughts today. Are you making a mountain out of a molehill? This card often comes up when we are being overly melodramatic about a situation. Is it really as bad as it seems, or have we exaggerated it in our mind to mammoth proportions? If we truly are facing a dire situation this card says that we have seen the worst now and things from here can only get better. Things always seem darkest before the dawn and soon the sun will be coming up on a brand new day.