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Wild {unknown} frIday

The Four of Cups appears when we are feeling bored and disillusioned with life. Others may perceive our situation as being full of abundance and blessings, but we just can’t see it. The rat doesn’t realise that it is sitting on top of cups filled to overflowing with all good things, such as love, emotional support and abundance. This card can also signify that the things we are searching for in our life are actually right under our nose, but we just don’t notice them….maybe because we have preconceived ideas about how these things should look. The message here is to remain open minded and not to dismiss anything out of hand.

wild {unknown} friday

This week a sudden happening may come like a bolt out of the blue, and jolt your world into a new paradigm. These kind of events, which come from left field, are often unsettling and disorientating, however they invariably make way for more fulfilling conditions to enter our lives. Sometimes the only way for big changes to occur is by razing the present structures to the ground, and building something stronger, more stable and enduring in it’s place. Ultimately, whatever happens this week will prove to be for the best.

wild {unknown} friday


 This weeks randomly selected card is The Emperor, which in the tarot represents the masculine, father archetype.

The tree featured on this card looks strong, straight and solid. This perfectly represents the qualities of The Emperor who values structure, stability, strong foundations and boundaries.

The tree is shaped like an upward pointing arrow, emphasising the straight forward nature of the Emperor and their belief that they always know best and are leading others in the right direction for their own good. In fact this attitude can mean that The Emperor can be quite inflexible and rigid.

The person who displays these types of characteristics will feel happiest when their life is lived in a disciplined and logical way. They enjoy the structure of rules and regulations and may tip into dogmatic and controlling behaviour. Some might even describe them as harsh at times.

However there are certainly positives to the Emperor archetype! One of these characteristics is constancy, which in this deck is symbolised by an evergreen tree which endures despite the season. It also represents home, safety and warmth. Again the tree alludes to this quality as it too is an ecosystem which supports many life forms by providing shelter, food and water. Of course it also sustains life itself by supplying oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The Emperor’s driving force is to build an empire, and with this in mind rules can be good! Sometimes imposing a few judiciously chosen rules and constraints (even on ourselves) can be advantageous in helping to eliminate distractions and be more productive!

This week I’m going to channel ‘The Emperor’ and set myself a few rules around how often I check my emails and social media. Hopefully this will result in a more focused and productive week!

Let us know in the comments if you get extra stuff done by being ‘more Emperor’ in the upcoming week.

Until next time,

Caro Tarot💛