wild {unknown} friday

This cosy, comfy nest is surrounded by soft interlaced feathers providing a safe and secure shelter. The horizontal lines in the background look stable and grounded reinforcing the idea of safety. The diamond shape made by the clutch of Pentacles and echoed by the feathers suggests something both valuable and strong….something worth protecting. Today consider what you hold dear and what gives you a sense of security. What does ‘home’ mean to you? Make sure you protect your ‘nest egg’ and ‘feather your nest’ to ensure it is the cosy and welcoming place that you will be proud to call home.

wild {unknown} friday

 This weeks randomly selected card is The Emperor, which in the tarot represents the masculine, father archetype.

The tree featured on this card looks strong, straight and solid. This perfectly represents the qualities of The Emperor who values structure, stability, strong foundations and boundaries.

The tree is shaped like an upward pointing arrow, emphasising the straight forward nature of the Emperor and their belief that they always know best and are leading others in the right direction for their own good. In fact this attitude can mean that The Emperor can be quite inflexible and rigid.

The person who displays these types of characteristics will feel happiest when their life is lived in a disciplined and logical way. They enjoy the structure of rules and regulations and may tip into dogmatic and controlling behaviour. Some might even describe them as harsh at times.

However there are certainly positives to the Emperor archetype! One of these characteristics is constancy, which in this deck is symbolised by an evergreen tree which endures despite the season. It also represents home, safety and warmth. Again the tree alludes to this quality as it too is an ecosystem which supports many life forms by providing shelter, food and water. Of course it also sustains life itself by supplying oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The Emperor’s driving force is to build an empire, and with this in mind rules can be good! Sometimes imposing a few judiciously chosen rules and constraints (even on ourselves) can be advantageous in helping to eliminate distractions and be more productive!

This week I’m going to channel ‘The Emperor’ and set myself a few rules around how often I check my emails and social media. Hopefully this will result in a more focused and productive week!

Let us know in the comments if you get extra stuff done by being ‘more Emperor’ in the upcoming week.

Until next time,

Caro Tarot💛

wild {unknown} friday

This week, use your considerable powers to make manifest something that you desire. You have all the necessary tools at your disposal, and the wherewithal to bring everything together to achieve your aim. Your connection between the spiritual and the physical is sharply focused at the moment, so go make things happen!

wild {unknown} friday

This week amazing things might be right under your nose but you’re just not seeing them. You might even feel bored and disillusioned with life, even though those on the outside looking in may feel quite envious of what you seem to have. Maybe over time you have grown nonchalant and unappreciative of all the good in your life? Today would be a good opportunity to remind yourself how much you have to be grateful for.

wild {unknown} friday

The Six of Swords is a card about transitioning from a place of stress and worry to a calmer place where peace of mind can be restored.

Sometimes it can seem that we are trapped in a situation that we know is doing is no favours, but it can be scary and disorientating to move forward. Often we feel that it is “better the devil we know” even though if we are truly honest with ourselves we will acknowledge that staying in this situation is self destructive and damaging.

We can find ourselves stuck in many circumstances that no longer serve us, whether that is a job, a relationship or a location. The longer we remain paralysed by fear of the unknown and afraid to move forward, the more likely it is that the stress and anxiety this engenders will progress to depression. Once this happens it is even more difficult to clamber out of the trap we have fallen into as we then are bogged down even further in the lethargy and hopelessness of despondency.

The rainbow overarching the card is a promise however that things can only get better if we can find the courage to move forward. Even if we only take “baby steps” we will eventually find ourselves in a much more hopeful and positive place. It is challenging and scary to move out of our comfort zone, but necessary for our long term future happiness.

wild {unknown} friday

Whatever you’re doing this week, have faith and confidence in yourself. The Mother of Wands epitomises fiery, creative energy; you are more than a match for anyone you come into contact with who is being difficult or prickly. You won’t stand for any nonsense or disrespect, but then again you aren’t one to go looking for trouble unless it seeks you out. Anyone who decides to take you on this week may get more than they bargain for.

wild {unknown} friday

The Son of Wands marks the return of a fiery and powerful burst of creative energy. If you have been feeling lacklustre about your projects recently, this week may see a return to high octane enthusiasm and motivation. Perhaps you’ll feel super inspired by new ideas, and ready to surge ahead in your creative endeavours….it feels like Spring is finally in the air, and with that returning warmth and light, the sap begins to rise and restore our energy and passion.☀️

wild {unknown} friday

This is a beautiful, positive card signifying new beginnings in love and relationships. Suddenly your joie de vivre is restored and you feel as if your cup runneth over. Life is fizzing with excitement again, and you feel a sense of hope and positivity starting to bubble up from the very depths of your soul. Things are starting to happen! It may be slow and steady at first but then may suddenly speed up and gather momentum.

wild {unknown} friday

This week it may seem that you are highly perceptive and receptive to any emotional undercurrents. You can see right through people and situations with laser sharp instincts. Nothing can be hidden or concealed from you today. Your inner radar is highly developed and can hone in on the deeper levels of reality.

wild {unknown} friday

I love this depiction of the Seven of Swords from The Wild Unknown deck, showing a very shifty and devious looking fox concealing one of the swords beneath his curled up body.

When this card appears, be careful who you trust, as someone may be trying to “pull the wool over your eyes” regarding something. It could indicate a betrayal or deception that has yet to come to light.

Equally, it could refer to something underhand or dishonest that you are contemplating getting involved with. Think carefully, as sometimes although it may seem like the easier option, the truth is usually the best policy in the long run.

In the words of Walter Scott…..

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.”

Equally, this card could also be about something that we are at pains to keep from ourselves. Sometimes we are all guilty of burying our heads in the sand, rather than facing up to the unpalatable truth of a situation, emotion or action that we would prefer to blank out and ignore.