wild {unknown} friday

You may feel as if you’ve been battling your way through a dense and overgrown forest for a very long time, with no hint of light at the end of the tunnel. However you are just starting to glimpse evidence that perhaps you are getting nearer to a breakthrough. You can see light starting to infiltrate through the thick cover and it seems you are heading towards a clearing or glade in the forest. You are nearly there….just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will soon be bathed in glorious sunshine again.

wild {unknown} friday

This week you could have a revelation (or even a revolution) in the way you see something! Maybe a new way of viewing the world will be unveiled so that you never see things in the same way again. A totally revolutionary paradigm may be revealed in the most profound of ways. Maybe the underlying structure of the Universe may become apparent for the briefest of moments, but this glimpse of the way things really work will be enough to change your way of being in the world forever.

wild {unknown} friday

It could feel like the end of the world this week as you contemplate the painful ending of something that was important to you. Sometimes we need to wallow in these feelings of loss, and retreat into the darkness for a while. When we are ready to re-emerge, a glance upwards will show us that all is not lost….the cups are still standing, and intact, and there is light pouring through above us. Life goes on, and hope springs eternal.

wild {unknown} friday

Listen to your instincts this week, and if you don’t feel like doing something, or you do feel inexplicably drawn in a particular direction, then follow that guidance wherever it leads you. Don’t second guess yourself….you know best.

Lammas Musings

The festival of Lammas falls on the 1st August, and marks the peak of Summer and the first grain harvest. The first harvest should now be gathered in, although this year, the prolonged heatwave is causing issues for farmers, bringing our awareness to just how dependant we are on the weather and nature to produce our food. This is the food which will sustain us through the cold dark days of winter and provide seed to be planted in spring for next years harvest. We are also starting to see the first fruits of the harvest…..the fruits of our labours. Some trees such as Rowan are yielding bright red berries. Brambles also show ripening fruit, as do apple and pear trees. In this day and age, when food is mass produced and imported from all around the world, it is easy to lose touch with the natural cycle of things.

Lammas is a time for feasting and play. As the Sun’s energy begins to wane it is appropriate to give thanks for the active growth period which has given rise to such bounty. It is once again time to turn our focus of attention inwards in order to assimilate and understand on a deeper level what we have manifested. Are we starting to see the desires we held at the start of the year beginning to unfold?

This festival is also a traditional time to hold horse fairs and horse racing in honour of Rhiannon – Horse Goddess of the Underworld.

Following are some activities associated with the festival of Lammas which you may like to participate in…..

•Gather with friends, light a fire or barbecue and celebrate, staying up until dawn

•Bake bread, biscuits or cakes to honour the grain harvest

•Appreciate our abundance of food and remember all those in the world who are suffering through lack of food.

•Try and see your life in a positive light and count your blessings

•Ask everyone to bring something for a basket of abundance and then donate it to a local homeless shelter or food bank


wild {unknown} friday

This week, use your considerable powers to make manifest something that you desire. You have all the necessary tools at your disposal and the wherewithal to bring everything together to achieve your aim. Your connection between the spiritual and the physical is sharply focused at the moment so go make things happen!

wild {unknown} friday

The card I drew today from The Wild Unknown is the Six of Cups. This card seems to hark back to a much richer and rosier past. The tangle of multicoloured roots seem to suggest that when we look back with nostalgia, things seem more vibrant and exciting.

However, when we don our rose tinted specs sometimes we can have a distorted and skewed vision of what came before, making the present seem dull and lack lustre in comparison. Especially if we had a happy and contented early life, it can seem as if some of the shine is being taken off as we age. Nothing seems as fresh or new anymore and we become jaded and cynical.

However, what we must remember is that all any of us has is the “now”, and if we spend all our time wishing to be transported back to a magical and mythical time of the past, we are in danger of completely missing our present and future.

Of course it’s great to look back on the happy memories of the past; just not so great if we get trapped there and waste the opportunity to make more awesome memories in the here and now.

If after careful and realistic consideration you genuinely believe that all your best times are behind you, then it’s time to reintegrate some of the people, places and activities that used to bring you joy! Think about some of your former passions and how you can reincorporate them into your life today. Start making new memories that you can look back on with warm, fuzzy feelings in years to come.

wild {unknown} friday

You are positively overflowing with brilliant creative ideas this week! You may feel as if your cup quite literally “runneth over”, to the extent that it may feel a little overwhelming. Make sure that your inspirations don’t evaporate into the ether like a wisp of smoke. Be sure to write them down so that you can refer back to them on days when your imagination is less prolific. Perhaps take the time to act on one of your ideas straight away? Baby steps in the right direction can eventually add up to major change and achievement.

wild {unknown} friday

Whatever you’re tackling today, make sure you channel your inner Mother of Wands and do it with gusto and passion. Be authentic and true to yourself and demonstrate your confidence and creativity to others whatever you are involved in. This alignment with your true nature is highly attractive and charismatic so don’t be afraid to be your unique self as others will be drawn to your irresistible energy.

wild {unknown} friday

This week may be busy, busy, busy! It may be difficult to stay focused as events force you to keep on changing direction and going off at a tangent. It is possible that there may be revelations which come completely out of the blue and force you to re-evaluate situations which you thought you had a handle on. Stay on your toes during this time period, and be poised to ‘turn on a sixpence’ if required.