wild {unknown} friday

This weeks randomly selected card is Judgement from The Wild Unknown deck.
What looks like a beautiful white dove hovers at the top of the card, emanating rays of light.

Below the dove, black coloured birds or even bats rise up towards the outstretched wings of the almost angelic looking presence.

There is an overwhelming feeling of peace, freedom and redemption contained within this card as the birds appear to emerge from the tangled mass of darkness and heed the call from above.

This week it is time to heed this call in our own lives. The time has come to leave behind the difficulties and disappointments of the past and move forwards towards a more promising and uplifting future.
Anything that is holding you back from making peace with yourself and others can now be gently released into the light. Even if there are regrets and mistakes in your past that you have struggled to let go of, the Judgement card signals that you are forgiven and accepted into the protection and safety of a higher power (whatever this means to you).

Any sense of not deserving or being worthy of freedom, peace of mind and redemption are utterly false. The dove on this card says that everyone is forgiven and free to rise up into this magical place of peace, love and wisdom. The dove makes no judgement and welcomes all comers with the same open arms (wings).
The slate is wiped clean and we are free to break free from the murky recesses of the past and begin again….clean, purified and absolved.

wild {unknown} friday

Something ‘out of the blue’ may happen this week…..a curve ball hurtling from left field taking you totally by surprise! When The Tower appears, although it may seem destructive, it is always because something built on shaky foundations needs to be swept aside to make room for new, more fitting circumstances. This can be an outer or inner phenomenon…..whichever, it allows new paradigms and ways of seeing to emerge.

wild {unknown} friday

This week you may have an awareness that some aspect of your life is broken beyond repair. Although you have probably tried numerous times to salvage what you can and stick the pieces back together it has now become obvious that this was a futile exercise….you were simply papering over the cracks. Although you know that the time has come to cut your losses and move on, the sense of foreboding and overwhelm you feel when you contemplate this course of action is paralysing you with fear and apprehension. No matter; the decision has been taken now so trust that the Universe will show you one step at a time how to proceed for the highest good of all involved.