Daily Card ~ Judgement

Try not to be judgemental today with regard to people or situations. Always remember that before you point the finger at others you really need to have ‘walked a mile in their shoes’. Let yourself off the hook too. We have all done things we’re not proud of but now it’s time to let go of any guilt or shame you’ve been carrying around with you. One final thing…..if something someone says doesn’t ring true for you then it’s time to use your own judgement to cut through the confusion.

Daily Card ~ Six of Wands´╗┐

Even if you feel bogged down today and mired in the tangle of stuff that you need to address, know that you can rise above all this. Although everything may feel confused and complicated actually life is very simple…..just be grateful and thankful for all the good in your life and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Daily Card ~ Five of Swords

Don’t let something trivial come between you and a loved one or friend today as it could cause permanent irreparable damage. Make sure that whatever is causing an issue is worth the price you’re paying for it and walk away from conflict and hostility without being drawn in. You’ll be glad you did. 

Daily Card ~ Daughter of Swords

The Daughter of Swords doesn’t miss a trick. Her direct, piercing gaze looks right through you, stripping away any facade, agenda or concealment. Today be very aware of where others may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes. There could be dubious tactics or scaremongering at play in an effort to persuade you to part with your cash or buy services you don’t really need. Question everything.

wild {unknown} friday

This weeks randomly drawn card is The Magician….one of my favourites in the Wild Unknown deck.
The Magician is able to wrangle the raw ingredients represented by the Wand, Sword, Cup and Pentacle laid out before him and transform these into something new. He can perform a form of alchemy and with dynamic action is able to channel energy from the infinite potential around him and make it into something tangible.
The orange and yellow rays emanating from a concentrated point represent energy, vitality and creativity. The Magician can use this focused energy in conjunction with the tools at his disposal to create something new. He has supreme confidence in his ability to tap into direct Universal energy making him an empowered creator (as we all are). 
This card advises us to tap into our full potential without holding back. It is time to take action and go for it! The Magician points to the talents, capabilities and resources which we already have at our disposal. We have everything needed to make any venture we are contemplating a success.

Daily Card ~ The Devil

Today’s the day to cut yourself a bit of slack and indulge yourself with some hedonistic treats. Sometimes a little bit of what you fancy does you good! Go on…..be a devil and give in to whatever is tempting you. It’s my birthday today so I will probably be overindulging in some gorgeous Spanish tapas and a delectable chocolate or two which I received as a gift. What are you going to treat yourself to today?

Daily Card ~ The Star

This is a beautiful, inspiring card filled with hope and wishes fulfilled. Seeing a shooting star invokes an urge to make a wish, reaching for your highest and deepest desire. When The Star comes up it indicates that joy and dreams coming true are about to manifest in your life.

Daily Card ~ Daughter of Pentacles

The Daughter of Pentacles gazes shyly from the safety of what looks like a cave. She is engaging all her senses intently to glean information about her environment and is eager to explore her surroundings with excitement and curiosity. The rainbow arching above her with the pentacle at it’s centre gives an assurance of luck and protection as she emerges from the safety of the known and navigates the unfamiliar landscape of the hitherto unknown. 

Daily Card ~ Son of Cups

Try and remain positive today as good things are on the way. Soon your cup will be positively overflowing with many blessings in all areas of your life. You don’t need to do anything to make this happen except maintain a positive attitude….good things come to those who believe and have faith.

Daily Card ~ The Moon

Often when we can’t see properly we can start to imagine all kinds of frightening situations. When we only have the shadowy light of the moon to illuminate our path our fears can start to take on disproportionately scary guises. In the light of day these shadows can be seen for what they really are and cut down to size. Don’t let your fear take charge today.