Daily Card ~ Seven of Cups

It’s time to make a decision and it may be quite obvious which is the right option to go for. This card is an optical illusion where sometimes I see what looks like a spire with a cup perched on top. Other times I see a channel with a goblet at the end. Today however I see a super sized arrow pointing straight at the correct chalice, or the choice I should make at this time. Go for it, it seems to be saying…..it is the right thing to do!

wild {unknown} friday

This card is immediately reminiscent of the zodiac sign of Leo and shares many of the characteristics of people born under this sign, such as loyalty, devotion, generosity, courage and trustworthiness. 
The ‘strength’ symbolised in this card represents a gentle fierceness which although extremely powerful uses a softly softly approach to problems and dilemmas. This person will never use a ‘sledgehammer to crack a nut’ although they certainly possess the power to do so if they were so inclined. Instead they will always prefer to use patience, perseverance and kindness rather than strong arm tactics or brute force. 
The infinity symbol on the lions forehead shows the infinite wisdom and inner strength to do what is right in any given situation. This person will always find the courage within their heart to follow their intuition even though it may not always be the easiest option. 
The lion has mastered his own mind and tamed the beast within, allowing him to always display the utmost self control and mastery, and implicit trust in the guidance of his inner wisdom.
This week, if the situation arises, try to emulate the lion in the Strength card to help you deal successfully with any issues that come up in your life.

Daily Card ~ Ace of Cups

Today remember that you have much to be thankful for. Blessings rain down upon you from above, filling your cup with all manner of good things including love, emotional fulfilment, joy and creativity. 

Daily Card ~ Son of Swords

Keep your eye on your goals today and take decisive, targeted action to move yourself closer to your vision. Don’t allow anything or anyone to throw you off course in pursuit of your dreams. Home in on your target and lock onto it like a guided missile as you swiftly and decisively take action which moves you steadily in the right direction. 

Daily Card ~ Four of Wands

Turn your attention inward today and focus all your energy, focus and concentration on your inner world. You don’t need to refer to the outside world or other people’s opinions and rules; all the answers are within, so turn to your own in-tuition for wisdom, insight and inspiration on any dilemma.

Daily Card ~ The Empress (R)

Not believing in yourself and giving your immense power to shape your life over to others. Feeling unworthy and unloveable and consequently not nurturing or taking care of yourself as you should. Staying with something that doesn’t feed your soul because you feel that you have no other options.

Daily Card ~ Mother of Wands

A day to stand up straight and be proud of who you are and what you’ve achieved. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You are strong and feisty; don’t let anyone put you down or undermine your self belief.

Daily Card ~ The Empress

Today’s card is about abundance, prosperity, creativity and nurturing. Self expression is also very important at this time. The Empress card embodies the feminine principle. She is the womb from which all life springs. 

Daily Card ~ Seven of Swords

  For the second day running the Seven of Swords has put in an appearance! This seems to reiterate the need for vigilance and awareness of the motives of others. Is everything as it seems or is someone trying to conceal something or deceive in some way? Equally it could be that we have something to hide or that we are keeping some information  under wraps. Sometimes it is necessary to play our cards close to our chest depending on the situation or circumstances we find ourselves in.

wild {unknown} friday

  The randomly selected card for the upcoming week is the Seven of Wands.
The first thing that comes to mind on studying this card is the need to stand firm in the face of opposition. If you need to defend yourself this week, maintain courage in your convictions and make sure that you remain true to yourself. If you have to stand alone, stand tall and be a beacon in the darkness!
It could also be that you have lost some of the fire in your belly and your fighting spirit? Maybe you need to add a bit of spice to your life and shake up a stale, boring routine. Let your own flame burn brightly and honour your passions. Find the fire and confidence inside either to stand up for your beliefs or who you are as a person, or to find it again when you’re in a dark place. 
This card could also indicate that it is your turn to shine and take centre stage in the limelight, and to bask in the admiration and respect of others. 
This burning torch will always provide a quiet but powerful light, illuminating our inner guidance, inspiration and direction. Focus on it and forge ahead with faith and self belief.